107cc ATV Wiring Diagram: A Comprehensive Guide

Riding an ATV is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. However, owning an ATV requires proper maintenance and understanding of its wiring system. In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide to the wiring system of a 107cc ATV, including diagrams, tables, and frequently asked questions.

What is a 107cc ATV?

A 107cc ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is a small-sized four-wheeled vehicle designed for off-road use. These vehicles typically have a 107cc engine and are commonly used for recreational activities such as trail riding, hunting, and farming. Due to their small size, they are ideal for beginners or younger riders.

Engine Diagram

The engine of a 107cc ATV is the heart of the vehicle. Understanding its components and wiring is essential for maintaining its performance. Below is a simplified diagram of the engine:

Component Description
Ignition Coil Converts low voltage from battery to high voltage for spark plug ignition
CDI Box Controls timing and spark intensity for the ignition system
Starter Motor Elecric motor that turns the engine over to start
Spark Plug Ignites fuel mixture in engine cylinder

Each of these components is connected by wiring and must be properly maintained to ensure the performance of the vehicle.

Wiring Diagram

A wiring diagram is a visual representation of the wiring system of a vehicle. The wiring diagram for a 107cc ATV is essential for troubleshooting any electrical issues that may arise. Below is a simplified wiring diagram:

107Cc Atv Wiring DiagramSource: bing.com

The diagram shows the main components of the ATV’s electrical system, including the battery, starter switch, ignition switch, CDI box, spark plug, and various sensors.


The battery is an essential component of the ATV electrical system. It provides power to start the engine and accessories such as lights and indicators. The battery is connected to the starter switch, which engages the starter motor to turn the engine over.

Ignition System

The ignition system consists of the ignition switch, CDI box, ignition coil, and spark plug. The CDI box controls the timing and intensity of the spark delivered to the spark plug, ensuring efficient combustion in the engine cylinder.


The sensors on a 107cc ATV include the temperature sensor, oil sensor, and fuel level sensor. These sensors provide information to the CDI box, allowing it to adjust the timing and intensity of the spark according to engine conditions.


What should I do if my ATV won’t start?

If your ATV won’t start, there could be several reasons. Check the battery connections and ensure they are clean and tight. If the battery is charged, check the starter motor and ignition system components for any faults.

How often should I change the oil in my ATV?

The oil in an ATV should be changed at least once a year, or after every 50 hours of use. Regular oil changes will ensure the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

What type of oil should I use in my ATV?

The oil used in a 107cc ATV should be a four-stroke ATV oil with a viscosity of 10W-40 or 10W-30. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil type and change frequency.

How can I maintain my ATV’s electrical system?

Maintaining the electrical system of an ATV involves regular inspection and cleaning of the battery, wiring connections, and components such as the starter switch and CDI box. Ensure all connections are tight and free of corrosion, and replace any faulty components as necessary.

Can I ride my ATV on the road?

No, it is generally not legal to ride an ATV on public roads. They are designed for off-road use and should only be ridden on private property or designated off-road trails.


A 107cc ATV is a fun and exciting vehicle that can provide hours of entertainment. However, it is essential to understand its electrical system and maintain it properly to ensure its performance and longevity. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can keep your 107cc ATV running smoothly and enjoyably for years to come.