0 10 Volt Dimmer Wiring Diagram

Lighting is an essential aspect of interior design and has a significant impact on the ambiance of a space. Dimming systems are an essential part of lighting design, allowing you to create different moods, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of light bulbs. One of the most popular dimming systems is the 0-10 volt system. In this article, we will discuss the 0-10 volt dimmer wiring diagram, its components, installation, and frequently asked questions.

What is a 0-10 Volt Dimmer?

A 0-10 volt dimmer is a type of dimming system that uses a low voltage control signal to adjust the output of a dimmable electronic ballast or LED driver. The signal ranges from 0 to 10 volts DC, with 0 volts meaning the light is off, and 10 volts meaning the light is at full brightness. The dimmer switch sends a DC control signal to the driver, which in turn reduces or increases the output voltage to the lamp.

The 0-10 volt dimming system is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, where precise and uniform light levels are required. It is also used in residential applications, such as home theaters and accent lighting, where a high level of control over the lighting environment is essential.

Components of a 0-10 Volt Dimmer System

A typical 0-10 volt dimmer system comprises the following components:

  1. Dimmer switch: This is the control switch that sends the DC control signal to the driver or ballast.
  2. Driver or ballast: This is the electronic device that controls the output voltage to the lamp. It receives the DC control signal from the dimmer switch and adjusts the output voltage accordingly.
  3. Light fixture: This is the actual light source, such as a fluorescent lamp or LED fixture.

The dimmer switch and driver are connected using a control cable or wire, which carries the DC control signal. The driver is then connected to the light fixture using standard wiring.

Wiring Diagram for a 0-10 Volt Dimmer System

A 0-10 volt dimmer wiring diagram is relatively straightforward and easy to understand. Here is a typical wiring diagram:

Component Wire Color Description
Dimmer Switch Red Positive (+) control signal
Black Negative (-) control signal
Driver Red Positive (+) DC control input
Black Negative (-) DC control input
Yellow Positive (+) output to light fixture
Blue Negative (-) output to light fixture
Light Fixture Black Power supply (input)
White Neutral
Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow Positive (+) output from driver (input)

It is important to note that the wire colors may differ depending on the manufacturer and model of the dimmer switch and driver. Always refer to the manufacturer’s wiring diagram for accurate wiring instructions.

Installation of a 0-10 Volt Dimmer System

The installation of a 0-10 volt dimmer system requires basic electrical skills and knowledge. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Turn off the power supply to the circuit.
  2. Mount the dimmer switch and driver in their respective locations.
  3. Run a control wire from the dimmer switch to the driver.
  4. Connect the control wire to the DC control input terminals of the driver.
  5. Connect the output wires of the driver to the light fixture.
  6. Connect the power supply wires to the light fixture.
  7. Turn on the power supply and test the system.

Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and local electrical codes.


1. Can I use a 0-10 volt dimmer with any type of light fixture?

No, not all light fixtures are compatible with 0-10 volt dimming systems. Only dimmable electronic ballasts and LED drivers that are designed for 0-10 volt dimming can be used. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications before installing a dimming system.

2. Can I use a regular wall switch with a 0-10 volt dimmer?

No, a regular wall switch cannot be used with a 0-10 volt dimmer system. Only a compatible dimmer switch can be used. Using a regular switch can damage the driver or ballast and may cause a fire hazard.

3. What is the maximum distance between the dimmer switch and driver?

The maximum distance between the dimmer switch and driver depends on the gauge of the control wire and the manufacturer’s specifications. In general, the control wire should not exceed 500 feet in length.

4. Can I control multiple light fixtures with one dimmer switch?

Yes, you can control multiple light fixtures with one dimmer switch as long as the total wattage of the fixtures does not exceed the maximum wattage rating of the dimmer switch.

5. Can I use a 0-10 volt dimmer with a triac dimmer?

No, a 0-10 volt dimmer cannot be used with a triac dimmer. The two systems are incompatible and cannot be connected together.


The 0-10 volt dimming system is an effective and efficient way to control the lighting environment in residential and commercial spaces. By understanding the components, wiring diagram, and installation process, you can create the perfect lighting ambiance while reducing energy consumption and extending the life of your light bulbs.